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Detailed contact information:

Brand owner: Shenzhen Da Lan Si Ke Trade Co., Ltd. (深圳达岚斯科贸易有限公司)

Brand Owner Contact Person : Meiyi Lou (罗美仪)

Title of brand owner:The general manage

Address: No.538 Pinghu Ave.,Pinghu St., Longgang Dist., CHINA, 518000

TEL:+86 13216438990


Officially Authorized Retailer

Retailer 1:

Name: Simin Chen(陈思敏)

Company: Shenzhen Xiang De Rong Trade CO., LTD. (深圳市祥德荣贸易有限公司)

Address: Longgang qu ping hu jie dao hua chang jie 39 hao, Shenzhen , China, 518000

Amazon Store Name: ARTISTORE, Sieremin Chan Home_de, Sieremin Chan Home_fr, Sieremin Chan Home_es, Sieremin Chan Home_it

Tel: +86 13751781257

Email: [email protected] 


Retailer 2:

Name: Meiyi Luo(罗美仪)

Company: Shenzhen Da Lan Si Ke Trade CO., Ltd. (深圳达岚斯科贸易有限公司)

Address: Longgang District Pinghu street, Pinghu Avenue NO. 538, Shenzhen Guangdong ,518000

Amazon Store Name: Mayyeeiloc

Tel: +86 13660259197

Email: [email protected] 


Wholesale and Distributor Contact

If you are needing a large quantity of our products or want to become a distributor we would love to partner with you, contact our wholesale team to get the latest bulk pricing and for more information about partnering.

Email us at [email protected]